Client inspired commissions form the basis of my work.

The creation of your unique piece of furniture is a collaborative design process. You and I will work closely to clarify your individual needs and tastes, and to ensure that the final piece will incorporate well with its final destination. If you are working with interior designers or architects, their guidance will be welcomed as well.

There are many possibilities for commissioning a custom work:

  • You may choose an existing design from my catalog
  • We may modify a piece that you are drawn to and customize it with your own choice of wood and / or different dimensions
  • Or you may be inspired to commission an altogether new and exciting creation

My goal is to work in collaboration with you to create new and unique pieces that are specifically tailored to your personal needs and tastes, complimenting and enhancing the space you are furnishing.

  • Our dialogue begins either by phone or e-mail per contact info below.
  • We will first assess specific functions the piece has to meet in your home. (design consultation is conducted on-site or via photos and video)
  • Where the work will be placed in your home can provide inspiration from its surroundings or pose appropriate limitations.
  • From this we will determine dimensions to outline its overall shape.
  • I will provide preliminary sketches and drawings for your review.
  • Samples will assist you in the final selection of wood and finishes.
  • If desired, we can discuss where exposed, finely crafted joinery can form visual accents and beautiful evidence of meticulous workmanship.
  • Exact scale work drawings after design revisions with cost estimate
  • Final review and approval
  • 50% deposit with balance due upon delivery or prior to shipment
  • Original, one-of-a-kind pieces will be signed and dated.

I am happy to deliver furniture personally within the Four Corners region (free within 60 miles).

Nationwide and international shipping is available for an additional charge, fully insured with different options to be discussed.

“In today’s crowded market, it takes a lot to make one stop and dwell! When I first saw Christoph Neander’s work, I said ‘This is more than couture furniture, it is functional art’. It was very clear that this was the hand of a European Master Craftsman. One gets the impression that the wood melts like butter in Christoph’s hands, his passion and craftsmanship is so inspiring. Christoph is an artisan of precision where every detail has value.

His love and caring for his art form is evident, inspiring me to take these qualities into my own life. Christoph Neander’s work has a classic and yet modern design, a statement in a room that will withstand the passage of time.”

Vivienne Mackinder, Founder of

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To learn more about this creative collaboration between you, possibly including your interior designer or architect, and myself, please contact me.

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